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The Ann Arbor Languages Partnership (A2LP) offers an opportunity to University of Michigan students to teach Spanish to 3rd and 4th graders in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

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An innovative partnership with Ann Arbor Public Schools provides Spanish language instruction

A2LP teaches undergraduates how to teach Spanish to 3rd and 4th graders in Ann Arbor Public Schools. We're a big program! We teach nearly 2,000 students per week, and we’re in more than 75 classrooms and 19 schools. Each year we have about 75 undergraduate students, whom we call Language Teaching Assistants (LTAs), teaching those 3rd and 4th graders. Our undergraduates develop amazing skills in instruction, group facilitation and management, learning design,and assessment; in addition, they also develop significant leadership skills. These students emerge from A2LP with a sense of confidence and purpose that few other course experiences can provide.

Our work is founded on a commitment to promote learning, for our LTAs and for the wonderful kids in elementary classrooms. It is also based on a strong sense of collaboration between all the members of our community. Although we provide detailed lesson plans for each lesson, we support the collaboration between LTAs to enhance and adapt the lessons to the learning needs of the different classrooms in which they teach.

We also maintain close connection with what is happening in the elementary classrooms, by observing LTAs frequently and by supporting their teaching with feedback targeted to address the specific characteristics of each classroom. The Seminar experience every week allows us to integrate teaching principles with the experiences that our LTAs create every week in their teaching placements.

  • Intensive Preparation

    in teaching Spanish at the elementary level

  • Extensive Clinical Placements

    through collaboration with the Ann Arbor Public Schools

  • 19 Schools, 75 Classrooms

    In 2014, we taught introductory Spanish to more than 1700 children in the Ann Public Schools

  • A2LP Alumni

    A2LP alumni are currently working in multiple industries across the U.S. including business, communications, medicine, and teaching.



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Maria J. Coolican
Maria Coolican’s interests and expertise include second language acquisition theory and practices, student teacher learning and development, and the role and phenomenon of failure in preservice teacher education. She has extensive experience as a high school teacher, assistant principal, and principal.
Heather Dornoff
Program Manager
Heather Dornoff’s work with A2LP focuses on program development and oversight as well as recruitment. She has been at the University of Michigan for more than 20 years enjoying roles in research and public engagement. She loves working with the A2LP community of students, staff, alumni and community partners.
Claudia Cameratti-Baeza, PhD
Research Manager and Curriculum Associate
Claudia Cameratti-Baeza is a post doctoral fellow at the University of Michigan School of Education. She has been a passionate teacher educator and researcher for 15 years both in Chile, her home country, and in the United States working at the Ann Arbor Languages Partnership. Her work in A2LP focuses on documenting and organizing programmatic data, as well as managing research initiatives that promote the continuous improvement of the program.
Martha Epperson
Graduate Student Instructor
Martha Epperson is a student in the University of Michigan’s School of Education Teaching and Teacher Education doctoral program. Prior to her arrival in Michigan, Martha served as an English Language Fellow in Chile, training public school teachers on behalf of the Chilean Ministry of Education. She has taught English to immigrant and refugee children in US public schools as well as English as a foreign language in Europe and Puerto Rico.
Ann Crowley
Observation Instructor
Ann Crowley taught Spanish for 31 years at Chelsea High School and is now retired. She attended Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, and earned a master’s degree in Spanish from Michigan State University. She has lived and studied in Spain. Ann truly enjoyed working with the A2LP program last year. She is interested in helping the teaching interns do their very best by offering feedback and suggestions in a non-threatening, professional manner.
Linda Camaj
Linda is a 5th year senior studying Bimolecular Science and Spanish. She has been with A2LP for two years and has enjoyed the unique opportunity to teach Spanish to fourth grade students at Pittsfield Elementary. She plans to apply to medical school this spring, and would love to be involved in health education in the near future. Teaching through A2LP has equipped her with many important skills she will use in her future endeavors.
Jordan Hite
Language Teaching Assistant
I am majoring in Linguistics and Romance Languages (Spanish and Portuguese). I’ve studied Spanish since seventh grade and have always had a passion for learning about the language. I teach fourth grade at Carpenter Elementary—my teaching partner and I are so lucky to have been placed in such a wonderful school with such a wonderful principal—not to mention our wonderful students! The best feeling is seeing my kids’ faces light up when we walk into the room.
Alexandra Ngo
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Spanish. I plan on working in some form of international politics, but Spanish has always been a passion of mine. While in high school, I studied abroad in Spain, but I plan on studying or working abroad while in college too. I am a part of A2LP because I want to apply my Spanish speaking skills in a way different than writing essay after essay.
Arianna Dixon
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a sophomore studying Spanish Education. I have been studying Spanish for eight years now and I love it! In this past year, I have had the opportunity to go abroad twice. In the summer of 2015 I spent a month and a half in southern Mexico working at a migrant shelter, volunteering and talking to migrants to hear their stories. Also, over winter break I was in Honduras helping build a school with an organization called Students Helping Honduras that seeks to combat poverty and gang violence through education.
Julia Reid
Language Teaching Assistant
I’ve always loved Spanish and after doing a homestay program in Turrialba, Costa Rica after my sophomore year in high school, I made myself a personal goal of being fluent in Spanish by the time I graduate from college. I also love working with kids, whether it be babysitting, tutoring, counseling, etc, so A2LP seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to combine my passion for Spanish with my passion for working with kids. It has been nothing but a positive experience so far!
Lauren Maluchnik
Language Teaching Assistant
I am from Saint Clair Shores, with a major in Spanish and a Mathematics minor. My end goal is to be a teacher and I honestly love creating connections with other people through learning processes. I am so happy I chose to be a part of A2LP because visiting my students has been the BEST part of my week for 39 weeks and counting.
Katie Loftus
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a Junior studying Communications and Spanish. After studying abroad in Granada, Spain during Winter 2015, I re-joined A2LP and have loved every moment since! Education and education reform is a passion of mine, so having the opportunity to combine my own language learning with teaching through A2LP has been one of the highlights of my time at The University of Michigan!
Shada Thompson
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a Spanish major who is from southwest Michigan, and my best college experience was when I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for a semester. There, I took 5 classes all taught in Spanish, and I enjoyed teaching an English class once a week in a local elementary school to 2nd grade children. I am also involved in the Crossfit community, and I enjoy being in the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.
Nicole Haggerty
Language Teaching Assistant
Hi! I’m Nicole Haggerty and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan. I am a Spanish major and Biology minor with plans to apply to medical school. My drive to help people and my love for Spanish is what lead me to this program and I am very excited to make a difference through it. I can’t wait to spread my Spanish knowledge on to kids who are excited to learn.
Kerrigan Fitzpatrick
Language Teaching Assistant
I am thinking I will majoring in Spanish and History and minor in Writing. This past summer I taught English and a little Spanish in Morocco. I have also tutored at my high school in northern Michigan and at Community High School in Ann Arbor. I wish to become a secondary education Spanish teacher.
Laurel Dearborn
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a junior double majoring in Spanish and History. My passion for Spanish came out of my love for people. Studying Spanish has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with communities in spite of language barriers. Through non-profit work in my home state of California, I have developed an equivalent passion for the power of education. For me, A2LP is the perfect combination of these two fields.
Emma Kuske
Language Teaching Assistant
Emma Kuske is a Sophomore currently pursuing majors through both the Honors program and School of Music, Theatre, and Dance in Spanish and Drama. She is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and this will be her fifteenth year studying the Spanish language and culture. She has always been inspired to learn and teach the language because of her passion for traveling, whether it’s hiking, touring, or just visiting. Along with Spanish and Drama, Emma competes with the Ballroom Dance Team, experiments with piano, ukulele, and guitar, and plays field hockey.
Lizbeth Diaz
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a Sophomore, my intended major is Mathematics with a minor is Psychology. My first language was Spanish, my family and I would travel to Mexico every winter where I would be enrolled in school for a couple of months. My teaching experience has been as a catechist assistant and math tutor. One of my teachers let me teach our class for a week, to help me consider if I wanted to be a teacher.
Maya Youness
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a sophomore in the Residential College, majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish. I’ve taken Spanish every year since 6th grade, and I’ve been to a few Spanish-speaking countries – I spent a month in Chile teaching English in an all-girls’ public school. I also tutored Spanish in high school, among other subjects, and I have experience in researching Spanish linguistics here at U of M.
Brittney Crawford
Language Teaching Assistant
I am from Owosso, Michigan and a Sophomore in LSA studying International Studies. I started learning Spanish in high school but really fell in love with the study of the cultures and language in the Intensive Residential College here at Michigan. I have always had a passion for youngsters and am excited to combine my love of children and Spanish through A2LP this year.
Jessica Ruzgal
Language Teaching Assistant
I’m a Pre-PA senior majoring in Spanish. While I don’t have any proper experience in teaching, I have previously held workshops while serving as an executive board member in a student organization. I hope to further improve my Spanish as well as develop invaluable skills in leadership and instruction from working with children. I’m excited to be part of this community and look forward to being challenged by this new environment!
Blake McDonald
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a senior studying Spanish and Political Science. My interest in Spanish was sparked by lively, engaging professors at the University of Michigan, and I hope to bring the same energy to the classes I teach. During spring term of my junior year, I studied abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and lived with an entirely Spanish-speaking family. I hope to show students how fun and rewarding learning a new language can be.
Asha Burns
Language Teaching Assistant
I, Asha Burns, am a Sophomore at the University of Michigan. I am pre-med with a double major in Biomolecular Science and Spanish. I have taken Spanish for 6 years now and have recently completed a study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain. I have Mexican heritage but I am not a native speaker. Therefore, I am studying the language because it is a huge part of my culture and I love learning it.
Shai Wallman
Language Teaching Assistant
My name is Shai Wallman and I am a sophomore from Brookfield, CT. I am a business major, but plan on leveraging that with my continuing Spanish education as either a minor or double major. My passion for Spanish began as sophomore in high school, when I spent three months living with a host family in Peru. I worked as an elementary school tutor my junior and senior year, and cannot wait to begin my experience working with A2LP!
Susie Wager
Language Teaching Assistant
My name is Susie Wager and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I am majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology on a premed track, and I am minoring in Spanish. I have a background in tutoring both younger students in the 4th and 5th grade as well as high school students. I am eager to teach a full class of students and help them improve their skills in Spanish.
Melissa Ramirez
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a junior, studying Psychology and Spanish with hopes of going in to elementary education in the future. I’ve been an assistant teacher in the Caiman classroom for En Nuestra Lengua, a Saturday Spanish school for native Spanish speaking children from the Ann Arbor area, for two years now. I am exciting to be able to continue working with children teaching Spanish and gaining confidence to reach my future goals.
Sarah Schade
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a Junior studying Spanish and International Studies. This past spring I was able to spend six weeks in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Since I have studies Spanish since I was in 7th grade, this trip reinforced my love for Spanish while giving me the opportunity to practice my speaking. I love learning this language and can’t wait to share what I’ve earned with students this year.
Brenna Potter
2017 LTA Summer Intern
I study Romance Languages since I fell in love with Spanish when talking to friends in the Dominican Republic. I wasn’t sure how to make Spanish into a career until my freshman year of college where I participated in a program that allowed me to coach English to Brazilian students. Since then I have wanted to become a foreign languages teacher! A2LP gives me an amazing opportunity to practice my teaching skills while interacting with children!
Natalie Sullivan
Language Teaching Assistant
My name is Natalie Sullivan and I’m currently a sophomore at The University of Michigan. I have been studying Spanish for almost 7 years now, and plan to graduate with a Spanish minor. My major is currently undecided, but I’m leaning towards Computer Science. I love working with kids and hope that my past experience camp counseling and tutoring will help make this opportunity worthwhile.
Ireland Van Eck
Language Teaching Assistant
I’m currently a sophomore in LSA, hoping to major in Spanish and minor in French while pursuing a secondary teaching certificate! I spent six weeks this summer studying abroad with CGIS in Salamanca, Spain and improving my Spanish fluency while also getting pumped to work with A2LP. I was born/raised in Ann Arbor and attended Northside Elementary (now A2 STEAM), so I’m excited to continue working in the district that I grew up in!
Julissa Tinoco
Language Teaching Assistant
My majors are Communications and Spanish. Spanish is my first language. I grew up in Southwest Detroit, a Spanish speaking community.I attended a bilingual school from Kindergarten to eight grade and I continued taking Spanish classes throughout high school. I enjoy learning about the cultures that come with the language. I studied abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain over the Spring so that I could immerse myself in the culture.
Madi Willihnganz
Language Teaching Assistant
Hello! My name is Madi and I am from Lake Oswego, Oregon. My major is Information Technology and I am thinking of minoring in Spanish. I have some tutoring background in Spanish from when I was in high school.
Avery Collins
Language Teaching Assistant
My name is Avery Collins! I’m from Connecticut and am a sophomore in LSA. I’m an International Studies and Spanish double major with a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. I tutored a few Spanish students when I was in high school, and I just spent my summer living with a Spanish speaking family in Peru while working for a nonprofit through U of M.
Natalie Zimmerman
Language Teaching Assistant
Natalie is a junior at the University of Michigan. She’s majoring in political science and international studies and minoring in gender and health. When she’s not in the classroom, she’s working with Gamma Phi Beta, Dance Marathon, Wolverine Support Network, or coaching Girls on the Run! She loves Michigan football and macaroni and cheese. Natalie also works at the Museum of Natural History, so go hang out with her and dinosaurs there!
Víanni Cobb
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a senior at the University of Michigan studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and Spanish with a minor in music and a concentration in pre med. I have been formally learning Spanish since I was four years old. In the future, I would like to educate others in Spanish-speaking countries so as to bridge the gap in health disparities and provide services to those in low income regions.
Gabriella Smith
Language Teaching Assistant
Hello! My name is Gabriella Smith and I am a junior at Michigan. I am from Birmingham, Michigan and am double majoring in International Studies and Spanish. I grew up with grandparents from Lima, Peru so the language, Spanish, and the customs have always been a major part of my life; agua was actually my first word! I am excited to have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge of the language and customs to the children of Ann Arbor.
Maureen Wiltsee
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a Junior studying Spanish with a minor in Computer Science. I’m from a super small town in Michigan where there are more cows than people. I have traveled to Mexico and Peru and experienced firsthand the Spanish language and culture.
Isabella de Cardenas
Language Teaching Assistant
Hello my name is Isabella de Cardenas. I am entering my sophomore year at the University of Michigan. While I am still undecided about my major, I know that I want to minor in Spanish. I have been around the Spanish language since I was born. I am so grateful that my Cuban side of the family solely spoke in Spanish. I think that helped me as a child and gave me a stronger interest into learning the language. Spanish is such a beautiful language and I am extremely excited to get younger minds excited about learning it.
Maia Zvetan
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a junior majoring in International Studies with a focus on Latin America and minoring in Italian. I have always loved languages and although I started studying Spanish in middle school I really fell in love with the language in high school through the IB program and then once again in college. Over the years I have tutored many younger students in Spanish and enjoyed seeing first hand how learning and developing a relationship with a language can positively impact the students.
David Mack
Language Teaching Assistant
I am currently undeclared in a major, but I plan to apply to the School of Education this winter. Once enrolled, my goal is to become an elementary school teacher. I have taken Spanish since first grade, and completed the RC’s Intensive program last year. I also spent three years when I was in high school teaching Sunday School classes at my church, where I worked with third and fourth graders.
Carli Delecki
Language Teaching Assistant
My name is Carli. I am a junior majoring in International Studies and Spanish from Fenton, MI. I don’t have any teaching background but I have been taking Spanish classes since sixth grade and spent five weeks abroad this summer living with a host family in Salamanca, Spain. I have a nanny job during the school year, so I love kids and am super excited for the opportunity to teach this upcoming year!
Christian Elliott
Language Teaching Assistant
Hello! My name is Christian Elliott and I am a senior at the University of Michigan! I am an International Studies and Spanish major! I studied abroad in Argentina learning the language and have experience teaching language from teaching at the University of Macau in China. When I’m outside of the academic setting, I am working out as a member of the Michigan Triathlon Team!
Kalen Church
Language Teaching Assistant
My name is Kalen Church and I am a sophomore hoping to pursue Elementary Education. I grew up in Northern Michigan and have a love for working with kids. I have been taking Spanish classes since I was in middle school, and have always loved the language. A2LP is a great program that allows me to combine a unique way of practicing Spanish with my love for teaching and working with kids!
Sarah Blasius
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a senior from Romeo, Michigan majoring in Spanish, German & International studies – I absolutely love to study languages and travel. After completing a Disney internship last Winter, I couldn’t be happier to be back with A2LP for the rest of this year. This program has provided me with an opportunity to share my passion for Spanish language and culture with children who light up my day every time I see them.
Zoe Kanterman
Language Teaching Assistant
I am a Senior studying Psychology and Spanish. I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for five months and had the most amazing experience with a host family. I am so grateful to be back teaching with A2LP because the community is incredible, and I feel so passionate about the importance of second language acquisition.


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