Spanish Professionals In the Making – Kasey

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A2LP at Burns Park 3rd Grade February 2016The last few weeks have been very exciting in my classroom since the students have all settled in with new seats and gotten used to classroom expectations. Everyone is better acquainted with their neighbors as well with me, and we are learning so much so fast! The lessons and activities have all been fantastic, with students going above and beyond to demonstrate their knowledge at every step of the way. Our Thanksgiving lesson was definitely the best one yet, with lots of excitement and participation from all of the students. Learning about our families, foods, and the holidays certainly proved to be a great unit. With the semester winding down, the inevitable exam season is in full swing and the students performed exceptionally on their assessment. They have improved so much in their ability to listen, speak, and write in Spanish, which is evidenced by the high scores on the assessment. Although the winter weather brings with it bloody noses, sneezing, coughing, and cracked lips, Spanish class continues to be an engaging and fun learning space where students truly are enjoying their time. Plus, I like to think that my students are Spanish pros (in the making)- now we even sing the songs from memory!