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About Our Project

The National Science Foundation's Assessing Teaching Practice (@Practice) Project develops and studies teaching simulations as a way to assess and support the learning of high-leverage teaching practices and mathematical knowledge for teaching.

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Our Team

Tim Boerst

Principal Investigator
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Tim’s work supports the development and assessment of beginning teachers who are pedagogically skilled, subject-matter serious, and committed to the learning of every student.

Meghan Shaughnessy

Principal Investigator
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Meghan’s research focuses on the study and improvement of mathematics instruction, specifically practice-intensive approaches to the professional training of teachers, and assessment of developing skills with teaching practices.

Deborah Loewenberg Ball

Co-Principal Investigator
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Deborah’s research focuses on teaching mathematics in ways that make it possible for all young people to be mathematically fluent.

Merrie Blunk

Project Manager
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Merrie research focuses on assessing teachers’ and teaching interns’ mathematical knowledge for teaching and mathematical teaching practices.

Erin Pfaff

Postdoctoral Fellow
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Erin’s research focuses on helping teachers orchestrate student-centered classroom mathematics discussions through simulated teaching experiences.

D’Anna Pynes

Postdoctoral Fellow
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D’Anna’s research focuses on mathematics teacher learning, teacher noticing of children’s mathematical thinking, professional development design, and learning opportunities in teacher collaboration.

Rosalie DeFino

Graduate Student Research Assistant
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Rosie’s research interests include understanding the knowledge, beliefs, and experiences that enable elementary teachers to teach mathematics in ways that both honor children’s development and help them construct understanding.

Susanna Farmer

Graduate Student Research Assistant
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Susanna’s research focuses on the ways in which elementary teachers work with guidance and resources for instruction to shape the interactions they have with students around content.

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