Allison Ryan

I am a Professor in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan.  My research interests concern students’ achievement beliefs and behaviors at school.  I focus on how personal characteristics as well as the nature of children’s classroom and peer group contexts influence motivation, engagement and achievement in school.  A theme throughout my research is a focus on the intersection of social and academic concerns of young adolescents at school.  In a variety of ways I have explored how interpersonal relationships are intertwined with, and facilitate or constrain, students’ motivation, engagement and achievement. My research has been published in Developmental Psychology, Journal of Educational Psychology,and Journal of Youth and Adolescence, among others. I have published two books: Peer Relationships and Adjustment at School (2012, co-edited with Gary W. Ladd) and Adolescence for Educators (2016, co-authored with Tim Urdan and Eric E. Anderman). I was an Associate Editor for Journal of Educational Psychology from 2009-2012.

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